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Chances are you started out your career to make a difference. It was a role where you could do something meaningful , to the benefit of others and which you felt immensely proud at following a rewarding career. With serving your community, helping and supporting others, it was never about money for you but a career you connected with at your core.

Now the career you have is no longer the same one you started, and not because you have lost that original ethos, but the role and expectations are so far removed from those early days you no longer know what you stand for anymore.

It’s not that you’re against change but if it doesn’t improve a service or you end up spending more time at a computer than you do serving the people you joined for. Feeling like both you and your organisation are going through the motions, there no longer is a sense of purpose in your career.

You’re now beginning to question whether this is the right career for you which saddens you on one level but on the another it excites you. Yes, there is a dose of fear chucked in as well, but your current career is causing you discomfort and you know things cannot continue as they are.

Is this you?

Is this you?

Do you experience one or more of these?

  • Stuck in a rut, feeling bored, frustrated and unhappy
  • No longer in a job you love and want to make specific changes but not sure how
  • You’ve been considering a change for months, even years but done nothing about it until now
  • Don’t believe you have transferable skills
  • Have reassessed the direction of your career and now want something more or different
  • Feel you have more to offer but limited by opportunities
  • Faced with yet another change in your role and no longer want to continue within that career
  • Ready to make a change, but don’t know where to start
  • Reached a point in your life where you want to do something more meaningful in your career, but don’t know what exactly
  • Considering your 1st career change after being in the same job since you left education
  • Or maybe it’s your 3rd or 4th career change and you’re still feeling unfulfilled
  • Your job is having a negative impact on other areas in your life
  • Fed up of the relentless pace of your work and forever feeling tired
  • Been out of the work environment for a number of years and can’t face going back to the same situation
  • Look to the future and see things being more of the same, or even worse
  • Feeling devalued, underappreciated and your expertise being overlooked
Is this you?

Stepping out of your career isn’t for you if:

  • You don't want to commit the time focusing on the career you want
  • You are not prepared to take action
  • You don’t want to invest time or money into your future
Is this you?

But, you know you’re ready when:

  • You are focused on creating the career you want
  • You want a career which challenges, excites and interests you
  • You want to take your career in a new direction or to the next level
  • You believe you have more to offer
  • You're committed to taking action but not sure how
  • You're prepared to put in the work to find the right route to your chosen career
  • You want to dream...bigger

Challenging but in a good way


“Working with Ruth can be challenging but in a good way. She made me think outside of the box and explore issues further, which I found very useful. I feel much more confident with the work I do and have developed my skills.”

– Aimee –

Ruth really listened to me and helped vocalise my thought process


“Ruth helped me in growing my confidence in my interviewing skills within my role. She helped me be more confident when asking difficult questions. Ruth provides structured coaching within a relaxed environment.”

– Catherine –

My self confidence has increased within my role


“My self confidence has increased within my role since working with Ruth. She is very supportive, with a massive amount of experience and knowledge which she is happy to share when you need her to.”

– Allan –

You choose what direction to take your life. Your life, your hands, your future.